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Entrepreneurial Therapy

You likely suffer intense internal strain attempting to keep up with all of the obligations as an entrepreneur or business owner, in addition to pressure from your customers, employees, or staff members. Even though everyone in your life seems to think of you as a successful entrepreneur, you might feel the weight of it all is heavy. Do you give your career everything that you long for a richer existence away from the office? Entrepreneurs can navigate their particular issues and stressors with the assistance of CCP and our affiliated therapists. We support business owners as they navigate challenges, and help them establish appropriate boundaries. We are always seeking connection, connection to ourselves, to our business, to others, sometimes it gets lost along the way. You made the decision to become an entrepreneur, which is exciting and rewarding but it comes with a level of warrior stress that nobody ever talks about. Whether you are just starting on your entrepreneurial journey or over a decade into it, everyone can benefit from counselling. Not on your business, but, because you own one. Are you experiencing "mom guilt"? Do you have fear of disappointment? Do you feel disengaged from your personal life? We offer counselling services for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Simply, we get it. Wether you just need to talk it out or have a conflict need, we will work with you to regain the pep in your step. Our goal is to help you connect to the joy you felt when you started your business and to develop stress-management strategies for the future. 

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